Gregory P. Crawford

Vice President and Associate Provost
Professor of Physics

B.S., Kent State University, 1987
M.A., ibid., 1988
Ph.D., ibid., 1991

Address: 215 Jordan Hall of Science
Phone: (574-63)1-6456
Fax: (574-63)1-8149


Research Interests

His research focuses on soft matter materials, photonic materials, medical devices, displays, nano-science, magnetic resonance, and photonic devices. The creative deployment of his basic research has resulted in two biotechnology start-up companies, Myomics, Inc. and Corum Medical, Inc. In addition to his research interests, Dean Crawford is passionate about entrepreneurship pedagogy and has been well funded and frequently published on this topic.

During the 2003-2004 academic year, Dean Crawford was on sabbatical at the Technical University of Eindhoven in the Netherlands working on the underlying physics of novel phenomena of patterned liquid crystals and polymers with potential use in displays and security applications. In the summer of 1999, he was a visiting research professor at Philips Research Laboratory (Natlab) in Eindhoven, working on the physics and applications of emissive and lasing materials.

Dean Crawford has over 300 research and education publications, review articles, and book chapters, holds 8 U.S. patents, and is the editor of a number of books: Liquid Crystals in Complex Geometries formed by Polymer and Porous Networks; Flexible Flat Panel Displays; Liquid Crystals; Frontiers in Biomedical Applications; and Cross-Linked Liquid Crystalline Systems: From Rigid Polymer Networks to Elastomers (to appear in 2009). He also served as editor of a special edition on nano-technology in Displays and Medical Displays for the Journal for the Society for Information Display. He is a fellow of the Society for Information Display.

Selected Publications

“Band Structures of Orientational Modes in Quasi-Periodic Mesoscale Liquid Crystal-Polymer Dispersions,” Physical Review Letters 98 173901 (2007), M. Avsec, I. Drevensek-Olenik, A. Mertelj, S. P. Gorkhali, G. P. Crawford, and M. Copic.

“Liquid Crystal Materials Find a New order in Biomedical Applications,” Nature Materials 6, 929 (2007), S. J. Woltman, G. D. Jay, and G. P. Crawford.

“Noninvasive Optical, Electrical, and Acoustic Methods of Total Hemoglobin Determination,” Clinical Chemistry 54, 264 (2008), J.W. McMurdy, G.D. Jay, S. Suner, and G. P. Crawford.

“A Drug Screening Platform Based on the Contractility of Tissue Engineered Muscle,” Muscle and Nerve 37, 438 (2008), H. Vandenburgh, J. Shansky, F./ Benesch-Lee, V. Barbata, J. Reid, L. Thorrez, R. Valentini, and G. P. Crawford.


Ernestine M. Raclin Community Leadership Award from 1st Source Bank

Full Curriculum Vitae (pdf)