Mark Alber

Vincent J. Duncan Family Professor of Applied Mathematics
Concurrent Professor of Physics
Concurrent Professor of Computer Science and Engineering

M.S., Moscow Institute of Technology, 1983
Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, 1990

Personal page:
Address: 174B Hurley Hall
Phone: (574-63)1-8371 – (574-63)1-7245
Fax: (574-63)1-6579

Research Interests

I am participating in an interdisciplinary Biocomplexity program at Notre Dame which is supported by NSF. Biocomplexity is the study of the unique complex structures and behaviors that arise from the interaction of biological entities (molecules, cells, or organisms). While physical and chemical processes give rise to a great variety of spatial and temporal structures, the complexity of even the simplest biological phenomena is infinitely richer.

Our Biocomplexity group studies multicellular aggregates, such as embryonic and mature tissues, which often share the properties of “excitable media” and “soft matter,” familiar to modern condensed matter physics and dynamical systems theory. Changes in tissue shape and form during development and repair-skeletal formation, gastrulation, segmentation, are well suited to analysis by physical and mathematical concepts, particularly in conjunction with modern knowledge of cells’ adhesive forces and the molecular composition and rheology of cytoplasm and extracellular matrix.

Selected Publications

“Periodic reversal of direction allows Myxobacteria to swarm,” Wu, Y., Jiang, Y., Kaiser, D., and M. Alber, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 106 4 1222-1227 (featured in the Nature News, January 20th, 2009, doi:10.1038/news.2009.43), 2009.

"A Multiscale Model of Venous Thrombus Formation with Surface-Mediated Control of Blood Coagulation Cascade", Xu, Z., J. Lioi, J. Mu, X. Liu, M.M. Kamocka, E.D. Rosen, D.Z. Chen and M.S. Alber, Biophysical Journal 98, 9, 1723–1732, 2010.

"Study of elastic collisions of M. xanthus in swarms", Cameron W. Harvey, Faruck Morcos, Christopher R. Sweet, Dale Kaiser, Santanu Chatterjee, Xiaomin Lu, Danny Chen and Mark Alber, Physical Biology 8, 026016, 2011.

"Correlation between fibrin network structure and mechanical properties: an experimental and computational analysis", Eungjun Kim, Oleg V. Kim, Kellie R. Machlus, Xiaomin Liu,Timur Kupaev,a Joshua Lioi, Alisa S.Wolberg, Danny Z. Chen, Elliot D. Rosen, Zhiliang Xu, and Mark Alber, Soft Matter 7, 4983, 2011.

"High density waves of the bacterium Pseudomonas aeruginosa in propagating swarms result in efficient colonization of surfaces", Huijing Du, Zhiliang Xu, Morgen Anyan, Oleg Kim, W. Matthew Leevy, Joshua D. Shrout and Mark Alber, Biophysical Journal (to appear).


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