Center for Astrophysics 

Great progress has been made in Astrophysics at Notre Dame. This area couples naturally into Notre Dame’s new involvement with the Large Binocular Telescope and the Steward Observatory facilities. This area also includes nuclear astrophysics (e.g. nucleosynthesis in the early universe and in supernovae) and particle astrophysics (e.g. missing mass in universe). The new Center for Astrophysics at Notre Dame University (CANDU) has been established and will serve as a focus for this effort.
Some of the projects currently being worked on by the Center’s members are Theoretical and Observational Cosmology (Professors Grant Mathews and Peter Garnavich), Computational Astrophysics (Professors Dinshaw Balsara and Grant Mathews), Observational Astrophysics (Professors Peter Garnavich, Terrence Rettig and David Bennett), Star and Planet Formation (Professors Terrence Rettig and Dinshaw Balsara), Galaxy Formation and Evolution (Professors Grant Mathews and Dinshaw Balsara), General Relativity (Professor Grant Mathews), Gravitational Microlensing (Professor David Bennett), Supernovae and Stellar Nucleosynthesis (Professors Grant Mathews and Dinshaw Balsara), High Energy Astrophysics: Gamma-Ray Bursts/Cosmic Radiation/Solar Flares (Professors John Poirier, Grant Mathews, Peter Garnavich and David Bennett).