Condensed Matter Seminar: Prof. Onur Erten, Arizona State University


Location: zoom

Superconductivity in nickelates: similarities & differences from cuprates and heavy fermions 

Prof. Onur Erten
Department of Physics, Arizona State University

The discovery of superconductivity in Sr-doped NdNiO2 is a crucial breakthrough in the long pursuit for nickel oxide materials with electronic and magnetic properties similar to those of the cuprates. In this talk, I will discuss the similarities and the unique properties of nickelates compared to other unconventional superconductors. Combined with ab initio and t-j model calculations, I will argue that trilayer nickelates are much closer to cuprates in terms phenomenology along with potentially higher Tc compared to NdNiO[1]. Presence of an additional metallic band differentiates NdNiOfrom cuprates and our calculations suggest that strong enough coupling to the correlated band can result in (s+id) pairing with broken time reversal and rotational symmetries [2]. 

[1] Nica, Krishna, Yu, Si, Botana, Erten PRB (R) 102, 020504 (2020) 

[2] Nica, Erten arXiv2007.04373 (2020) 

All interested persons are invited to attend remotely—email for information.