Nuclear Physics Seminar: Stephania Dede & Ashabari Majumdar, University of Notre Dame


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Targetry with actinides: Novel techniques

Stephania Dede & Ashabari Majumdar
Physics Graduate Students
University of Notre Dame

There is a high demand for thin actinide targets in nuclear physics and chemistry measurements. More specifically for nuclear reaction data measurements, nuclear fission research, accelerator-based production of the heaviest elements, nuclear forensics and stockpiling programs. The conventional methods of target making such as rolling, evaporation, and electrochemical deposition have several limitations, such as low material collection efficiency and significant preparatory steps, and yield targets with low purity, morphological inhomogeneities, and limited stability during nuclear measurements. We will be discussing two novel techniques: spin coating and electrospraying for target making which have yielded more robust, uniform and stable targets for nuclear experiments.

Hosted by Prof. Aprahamian

All interested persons are invited to attend remotely—email for information.