Physics Colloquium: Prof. Tyler Robinson, Northern Arizona University


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Physics Colloquium

Understanding Planets Near and Far

Prof. Tyler Robinson
Assistant Professor, Department of Astronomy and Planetary Science
Northern Arizona University

Atmospheres are the lens through which we understand countless planetary environments both inside and outside the Solar System. Atmospheric gases carve out spectral absorption features that enable us to characterize a world's composition and thermal state. Additionally, the opacity provided by molecules, as well as atmospheric condensates, control the evolution of gaseous planets over billions of years via the atmosphere's role as the valve through which these worlds cool. Using themes of habitability, atmospheres, and biosignatures, the HABLab explores key ideas in exoplanets, Solar System worlds, and brown dwarfs. Critically, these efforts are driven by one key question: How can we use tools and ideas developed by studying Solar System planets to better understand worlds both near and far?

Hosted by Prof. Howk

All interested persons are invited to attend remotely—email for information.