Astrophysics Seminar: Dr. Kate Rubin, San Diego State University


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Resolving Cool Circumgalactic Gas Flows: Insights into the Physics of Galaxy Formation

Dr. Kate Rubin
San Diego State University

Modern galaxy formation theory suggests that large-scale outflows of gas driven by processes related to star formation play a crucial role in regulating the stellar mass growth of galaxies. These flows are likewise invoked to feed the massive reservoirs of diffuse gas that are known to surround luminous galaxies like the Milky Way. However, the energetics and physical impact of these outflows remain poorly constrained. I will discuss new experiments taking advantage of the Keck Cosmic Web Imager and integral field spectroscopy from the SDSS-IV survey that have mapped the incidence, spatial extent, and density distribution of large-scale galactic outflows in unprecedented detail. Observational constraints on these quantities are required to complete our understanding of the processes that drive galaxy formation.

All interested persons are invited to attend remotely—email for information.