Particle Physics Seminar: Dr. Saptaparna Bhattacharya, Northwestern University


Location: 415 Nieuwland Science (View on map )

Search for heavy gauge boson production at the Large Hadron Collider

Dr. Saptaparna Bhattacharya
Postdoctoral Research Associate
Northwestern University

The collection of more than 150 fb−1 of data at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) allows for the exploration of rare processes predicted by the Standard Model of Particle Physics (SM). These processes enable us to scrutinize the SM, our most complete theoretical model. Triboson processes or the production of three heavy gauge bosons in an event is an extremely rare occurrence at the LHC. I will present a search for heavy triboson production, specifically targeting the production of WWW, WWZ, WZZ and ZZZ processes in multileptonic final states with data collected with the CMS detector during Run II of the LHC at √ s = 13 TeV. The analysis utilizes both traditional cut-based and multivariate techniques using boosted decision trees. The combined signal significance, computed using all final states, is at 5.7 σ (5.9 σ) observed (expected), leading to the first observation of the VVV process at the LHC. I will also provide a snapshot of effective field theory explorations in VVV processes and the prospects of such analyses as we head toward Run III and the high luminosity-LHC.

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