Aprahamian and Wiescher lecture at the 16th Russbach School on Nuclear Astrophysics

Author: Shelly Goethals

Freimann Professors of Physics Ani Aprahamian and Michael Wiescher were lecturers at the 16th Russbach School on Nuclear Astrophysics.This school belongs to the European Network of Nuclear Astrophysics Schools (ENNAS) and took place at the village of Rußbach am Paß Gschütt, southeast of Salzburg, Austria from March 10 to March 16, 2019. Professor Aprahamian lectured on the “The Role of Nuclear Physics Experiments in the Neutron Star Merger”. Professor Wiescher lectured on the “Nucleosynthesis in the First Stars and the Onset of Chemical Evolution”.

The school brought together specialists from the various sub-fields of astrophysics, astronomy, cosmochemistry and nuclear physics with the aim to raise mutual interest and to teach under- and postgraduate students, young post-docs as well as senior scientists interested in nuclear astrophysics.