Faculty promotions and reappointments announced

Author: Shelly Goethals

The University of Notre Dame has announced the following promotions and reappointments for Department of Physics faculty effective for the 2011-2012 academic year:

  • Prof. Colin P. Jessop has been promoted to Professor. Professor Jessop joined Notre Dame in 2004, and his research is focused on the search for new physical interactions beyond the standard model of particle physics.
  • Prof. Christopher F. Kolda was promoted to Professor. Professor Kolda is a theoretical particle physicist. He joined Notre Dame in 2000.
  • Prof. Zoltán Toroczkai has been promoted  to Professor. Prof. Toroczkai’s research focuses on complex network theory, biophysics, computing, and agent-based system. He joined Notre Dame in 2006 and holds a concurrent faculty appointment in Computer Science and Engineering.
  • Prof. J. Christopher Howk was promoted to Associate Professor with Tenure. Professor Howk has been at Notre Dame since 2005. His research is focused on understanding the evolution of galaxies and the build-up of the elements since the Big Bang.
  • Prof. Kevin P. Lannon was reappointed to Assistant Professor. Prof. Lannon is a high energy particle experimentalist who joined Notre Dame in 2008.