Gangopadhyay invited to MSRI summer graduate school

Author: Shelly Goethals


Physics graudate student Mayukh Gangopadhyay has been invited to the Mathematical Science Research Institute (MSRI) summer graduate school, Mathematical General Relativity. The event will take place in July at MSRI in Berkley, California.

Gangopadhyay's invitation to the summer school is noteworthy. It is highly competitive, and priority is given to graduate students in mathematics.

"Mathematical general relativity is the study of mathematical problems related to Einstein's theory of gravitation. There are interesting connections between the physics theory and problems in differential geometry and partial differential equations. The purpose of the workshop is to introduce graduate students to some fundamental aspects of mathematical general relativity, with particular emphasis on the geometry of the Einstein constraint equations and the Positive Mass Theorem." --excerpted from the MSRI invitation letter