GPS to host Spring Conference 2012

Author: Shelly Goethals

The Graduate Physics Students (GPS) will be hosting the Spring Conference 2012 on Thursday, April 19. The conference will showcase the research being done in the Department of Physics by the graduate students. There will be eight speakers and two poster sessions. Events will take place in Nieuwland Science Hall. A conference social will conclude the day's events.

The conference is being generously sponsored by Notre Dame's Graduate Student Union, the University of Notre Dame Graduate School, the Joint Institute for Nuclear Astrophysics (JINA), and the Department of Physics.

Conference organizers are graduate students Alex Long, Colin McClelland, Ayan Paul, Pokie Olson, Cathy Rastovski, and Ali Snedden.

More information, including a full list of the speakers, can be found on the Spring Conference 2012 web site.