Memorial Volume published for Kolya Uraltsev

Author: Christopher Kolda


Long-time Notre Dame adjunct professor Nikolai (Kolya) Uraltsev passed away suddenly and unexpectedly in 2013, leaving behind many fond memories of his time in the Physics Department and a recognition of the shear quantity and quality of work he produced in exploring the nature of the strong interactions. Now his long-time friend and collaborator, Ikaros Bigi, the Grace-Rupley Professor of Physics, has co-edited a memorial volume of papers, both original and reprints, from current leaders in the study of quantum chromodynamics (QCD). The book takes special aim at a topic dear to both Uraltsev and Bigi, which is the measurement of CP violation in heavy quarks. This measurement, which helps us to understand why the universe is full of matter rather than anti-matter, has provided key insights in the search for new dynamics in the universe. The book, entitled “QCD and Heavy Quarks: In Memoriam Nikolai Uraltsev” was published in March by World Scientific Publishing.