PhD Alumni Hong receives prestigious IEEE award

Author: Shelly Goethals


The Council on Superconductivity announced the selection of Dr. Seung Ok Hong of Oxford Superconducting Technology to receive the IEEE Dr. James Wong Award for Continuing and Significant Contributions to Applied Superconductivity Materials Technology. This Award recognizes a living individual for a career of meritorious achievements and outstanding technical contributions in the field of applied superconductor materials technology. It will be presented to Dr. Hong during the International Conference on Magnet Technology 24 to be held in Seoul, Korea, on the 18th through the 23rd of October 2015. 

The citation for the award reads: Dr. Hong will be recognized for continuing and significant contributions in the field of superconductivity materials research, in particular, for for his role in achieving engineering current densities of over 3000 A-mm-2 in commercial NbTi at 5 T and 4.2 K, for his work in commercializing ‘wire in channel’ conductors to provide the low cost, high copper conductor needed for MRI, for his work on RRP internal tin Nb3Sn conductors - the first wire to achieve 3000 A-mm-2  at 12 T and 4.2 K, and for developing Bi-2212 round wire, enabling HTS Rutherford cable to be made for future accelerators.

Dr. Hong is a 1976 PhD graduate from Notre Dame Physics. He was advised by Prof. Walt Tomasch.