Physics honors graduate school degree recipients and department award winner

Author: Shelly Goethals

The University of Notre Dame Graduate School ceremony was held Saturday, May 20.  Dick Notebaert, chairman emeritus of the University of Notre Dame Board of Trustees and retired chairman and chief executive officer of Qwest Communications, delivered the commencement address at the event which celebrated the recipients of 240 doctoral degrees and 478 master’s degrees.

Melinda Varga received the annual Physics Graduate Research and Disseration Award. She was advised by Prof. Zoltan Toroczkai. Her thesis is Continuous-Time Dynamical Systems Approach to Hard Constraint Satisfaction Problems.

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August 2016 PhD Graduates (and their advisors)

Xiao Fang (Prof. Michael Wiescher)

Madan Lamichhane (Prof. Kathie Newman and Prof. Dan Gezelter)

Alexander Long (Prof. Michael Wiescher)

Stephanie Lyons (Prof. Michael Wiescher)

Karen Ostdiek (Prof. Philippe Collon)

Allison Showalter (Prof. Bruce Bunker)

Kalpani Werellapatha (Prof. Bruce Bunker)

January 2017 PhD Graduates (and their advisors)

Nathan Kellams (Prof. Colin Jessop)

Weichuan Li (Prof. Stefan Frauendorf and Prof. Mark Caprio)

May 2017 PhD Graduates (and their advisors)

Atoutaleb Amiri (Prof. Mark Alber)

Aparna Bhattacharya (Prof. Grant Mathews and Dr. David Bennett)

Clark Casarella (Prof. Ani Aprahamian)

Chrysovalantis Constantinou (Prof. Mark Caprio)

Mayukh Gangopadhyay (Prof. Grant Mathews)

Zhou Kastner (Prof. Sylwia Ptasinska)

Landon Lehman (Prof. Adam Martin)

Christopher Matthews (Prof. Justin Crepp)

Mallory Smith (Prof. Ani Aprahamian)

Melinda Varga (Prof. Zoltan Toroczkai)

January 2016 Master’s Degree Recipients (and their advisors)

Carlos Alvarado (Prof. Antonio Delgado)

Laura Collins (Prof. Kenjiro Gomes)

Fatemeh Elahi (Prof. Christopher Kolda and Prof. Adam Martin)

Benjamin Rose (Prof. Peter Garnavich)

May 2017 Master’s Degree Recipients (and their advisors)

Alison Deatsch (Prof. Steven Ruggiero)

Erica Gonzales (Prof. Justin Crepp)

Allison Hall (Prof. Michael Hildreth)

Matthew Hall (Prof. Daniel Bardayan)

James Kelly (Prof. Maxime Brodeur)

Fanbo Meng (Prof. Colin Jessop)