Support Physics on Notre Dame Day

Author: Shelly Goethals


Notre Dame Day is a global celebration of all things Notre Dame through an online fundraising competition and streaming broadcast. The second annual Notre Dame Day kicks off at 18:42 Eastern Time (6:42 pm ET) on Sunday, April 26 and concludes at 11:59 pm ET on Monday, April 27.

The broadcast will showcase Notre Dame stories from across the globe, as well as live interviews, special musical performances, in-studio acts and surprise guests. The Department of Physics is excited to participate in this year's Notre Dame Day, and we encourage you to watch for Physics-related features in the live broadcast: NOTREDAMEDAY.ND.EDU.

  • Sunday during the 10pm hour: Prof. Philippe Collon will talk about using nuclear physics techniques to study archaeological artifacts and detect art forgeries. (This interview will be repeated on Monday at 4am.)
  • Monday during the 11am hour: Prof. Ani Aprahamian on studying the nuclear physics of the stars, and how the materials of which we are made were themselves created.
  • Monday during the 7pm hour: Our own Professor of Physics and Dean of Science, Greg Crawford!
  • Monday during the 8pm hour: Prof. Justin Crepp on the search for exoplanets, followed by Prof. Keith Davis, director of the Digital Visualization Theater.

Over the course of the day, Physics has the opportunity to earn a portion of $1 million, and you are getting to vote on how much we earn. When you make a $10 gift, you will receive 5 votes to cast. We will get our fraction of the $1 million based on our fraction of the total votes cast.

On Notre Dame Day last year, Physics was one of the top vote-getters among academic units on campus, and the money we received went to help fund undergraduate research in the department. Vote for us again this year so we can continue this proud tradition!