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Caprio recipient of 2010 Cottrell Scholar Award

December 22, 2010 • Categories: News


Mark Caprio is the recipient of a 2010 Cottrell Scholar Award by the Research Corporation for Science Advancement, for the proposal "Symmetries in the nuclear many-body problem: Conquering the computational scale explosion."  Membership in this elite group recognizes the recipient's exceptional potential as a leader in integrating science teaching and research.…

Margaret Dobrowolska appointed collegiate chair

December 21, 2010 • Categories: News


Dean of the College of Science Greg Crawford has announced that four professors have been appointed five-year collegiate chairs. In the Department of Physics Professor Margaret Dobrowolska-Furdyna has been appointed the Rev. John Cardinal O’Hara, C.S.C. Professor of Physics. Professor Dobrowolska-Furdyna specializes in magnetospectroscopy of semiconductor heterostructures— systems composed of ultrathin layers of different semiconductor compounds, with thicknesses in the range of a few atomic monolayers.