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The science behind the Transit of Venus

May 30, 2012 • Categories: News


University of Notre Dame professor of physics Peter Garnavich has research interests that cover a wide range of topics in observational astrophysics. In preparation for the Tuesday (June 5) Transit of Venus

Fulbright Award supports LoSecco’s Double Chooz work in France

May 29, 2012 • Categories: News


John LoSecco, professor of physics, will spend six months in France as a Fulbright Foreign Scholar starting this fall. The award will enable him to be on-site at a critical stage of the international Double Chooz experiment that has been under way for years. The project will be installing its second neutrino detector north of Paris in August. LoSecco expects to participate in other projects also.…

2012 Hichwa fellowship awarded

May 21, 2012 • Categories: News


The second annual Hichwa Summer Research Fellowship has been awarded to Christopher Steiner. Steiner works in Professor Morten Eskildsen’s condensed matter research group, which is dedicated to the study of the fundamental properties of superconductors. This summer Steiner’s project will be to build a second STM head for the group’s use, with the goal to have the precision necessary to obtain atomic resolution images in air at room temperature.…

Graduate student award winners named

May 17, 2012 • Categories: News

The recipients of the 2012 graduate student awards are:

Alejandro de la Puente, PhD, recipient of the Graduate Student Dissertation Award
Thesis title:  A Singlet Extension of the Minimal Supersymmetric Model Towards a More Natural Solution to the Little Hierarchy Problem

Ayan Paul, PhD, recipient of the Graduate Student Dissertation Award

Sarah Reiff

May 10, 2012


In the last week of February 2012, Sarah Reiff, second-year Ph.D. student, traveled to Elettra Synchrotron in Trieste, Italy, to join the international team and take part in an experiment to characterize uracil and thiouracil absorbed on a Au(110) surface. The absorption of these materials was investigated using X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS), Near Edge X-ray Adsorption Fine Structure (NEXAFS) and X-ray photoelectron diffraction (XPD). Monolayers of uracil and thiouracil were chosen because of the potential for biosensor devices.

Notre Dame student discovers rare star

May 02, 2012 • Categories: News


Many students work the night shift to get through law school, but Colin Littlefield’s late-night job at the Notre Dame Observatory has led to a one-in-a-billion discovery of a rare type of star, a Wolf-Rayet. Littlefield discovered the exceptional star, named WR 142b, this past summer, and he and his colleagues announced the discovery in a paper accepted for publication in The Astronomical Journal