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Follow Rastovski's blog during the Lindau Nobel Laureate meeting

June 28, 2012 • Categories: News


Notre Dame physics graduate student Catherine Rastovski has been selected to attend the 62nd annual Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting, an opportunity for young researchers and Nobel laureates to inform and inspire each other. She will be blogging about her experience--follow her blog by clicking here

Aprahamian, vice chair of NRC Committee, reports decadal progress

June 28, 2012 • Categories: News


Ani Aprahamian, the Frank M. Freimann Professor of Physics, is featured in two videos commissioned by the National Research Council (NRC) in conjunction with its recently-published decadal review of the field of nuclear physics. Aprahamian is vice chair of the committee that produced the report. The videos, longer and shorter versions called "Exploring the Heart of Matter" present the scope of nuclear physics research, from the interior of the atom to the vast expanses of the universe, as well as its economic and social benefits, including diagnosis and treatment of cancer.…

Research shows food-trade network vulnerable to fast spread of contaminants

June 14, 2012 • Categories: News

University of Notre Dame network physicists Mária Ercsey-Ravasz and Zoltán Toroczkai of the Interdisciplinary Center for Network Science and Applications, in collaboration with food science experts, have recently published a rigorous analysis of the international food-trade network that shows the network’s vulnerability to the fast spread of contaminants as well as the correlation between known food poisoning outbreaks and the centrality of countries on the network.…

Garg appointed to Beam-time Program Advisory Committee

June 13, 2012 • Categories: News

Umesh Garg, professor of physics, has been appointed to the Beam-time Program Advisory Committee (B-PAC) of the Cyclotron Facility of the Research Center for Nuclear Physics (RCNP) at Osaka University in Osaka, Japan. The committee advises the director on the scientific merit and feasibility of proposals for experiments using the RCNP AVF or AVF-Ring cyclotron accelerator facility, as well as providing scientific and technical advice to the director on problems during experiments.…

Over one thousand celebrate the Transit of Venus at Notre Dame

June 12, 2012 • Categories: News

On Tuesday, June 5, members of the Notre Dame and South Bend communities came to the Jordan Hall of Science to witness the Transit of Venus, a rare astronomical event in which the Earth, Venus and the Sun align. Over one thousand visitors gathered to watch Venus transit the sun for the last time this century.…