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Jessop appointed to research management positions at CERN

April 30, 2013 • Categories: News


Professor Colin Jessop, Department of Physics, was recently appointed to two research management positions at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland. CERN is the world's leading high energy physics laboratory and home of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC).…

Sigma Pi Sigma induction

April 29, 2013 • Categories: News


The Department of Physics at the University of Notre Dame inducted 11 undergraduate physics majors and 2 physics professors into Sigma Pi Sigma on Friday, April 26. Professor Peter Garnavich, faculty advisor of the Society of Physics Students, and Professor Mitchell Wayne, Department Chair, presented the inductees with their honor cords.

Mathews receives faculty scholar grant from Vietnam Education Foundation

April 24, 2013 • Categories: News


Professor Grant Mathews has been selected to receive a U.S. Faculty Scholar Grant from the Vietnam Education Foundation (VEF) for the 2013-14 academic year. Mathews will be part of the sixth group of faculty selected. The VEF was established by the U.S. Congress in December 2000 as an independent federal agency. VEF's primary purpose is to promote the bilateral relationship between the United States and Vietnam through educational exchanges. …

2013 graduate student teaching award winners announced

April 22, 2013 • Categories: News

The 2013 Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Award, which is given annually by the Notre Dame Graduate School and the Notre Dame Kaneb Center for Teaching and Learning, honors graduate student instructors and teaching assistants whose teaching demonstrates excellence in the classroom or laboratory.…

Physics alums earn NSF graduate research fellowships

April 22, 2013 • Categories: News

Two Department of Physics alumni from the class of 2011 are among the University of Notre Dame science students and other alumni who have received National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Program (GRFP) Fellowships. The NSF GRFP was created to enhance the scientific and engineering workforce in the United States. The fellowship provides three years of support for the graduate education of students who have demonstrated the potential for significant achievements in science and engineering research. Past NSF Fellows include individuals who have made significant breakthroughs in science and engineering research, as well as some who have been honored as Nobel laureates.…

ND astrophysicist discovers planets similar to Earth

April 19, 2013 • Categories: News


Researchers for the first time have identified Earth-sized planets within the habitable zone of a Sun-like star. Images of the star taken by University of Notre Dame astrophysicist Justin Crepp rule out alternative explanations of the data, confirming that five planets orbit Kepler-62, with two located in the habitable zone. The results were published in Science magazine

Faculty receive support to create new optical cancer diagnostic instrument

April 16, 2013 • Categories: News


Physics faculty Prof. Carol Tanner and Prof. Steven Ruggiero have received an award from the Office of Research as part of the Faculty Research Support Initiation Grant Program.

The objective of the work is to create a powerful new optical cancer diagnostic instrument for the diagnosis and study of cancer. Their goals are to create a new means to study the fundamental physical properties of cancer cells, and a highly sensitive and quantitative diagnostic tool for early cancer detection. This new instrument will be used to obtain the wavelength-dependent (ultraviolet to infrared) optical properties of cancer cells and the number, size, and geometry of organelles within the cells. This work is motivated by substantial evidence showing both significant optical changes in cancer versus normal cells, a propensity for abnormal/enlarged organelles (especially mitochondria) in a wide variety of cancer cells, and the recognized diagnostic value of identifying both changes in optical properties generally and changes in organelle morphology specifically in cancer cells.…

QuarkNet teacher named Inspirational Teacher of the Year

April 10, 2013 • Categories: News


Michael Sinclair, a physics teacher at the Kalamazoo Area Math and Science Center and teacher in the Notre Dame QuarkNet program, has received a Kennedy Center/Stephen Sondheim Inspirational Teacher Award for 2013.

Sinclair has a reputation for being one of the school’s toughest teachers. He has high expectations of his students, but after experiencing his excitement for physics in his classroom, students rave about Sinclair. Nominated for the award by former student Adrienne Erickcek, he has been recognized as a teacher that has had “an extraordinary impact on the lives of students.”       …

Notre Dame astrophysicists discover farthest supernova using Hubble Space Telescope

April 09, 2013 • Categories: News

Peter M. Garnavich, professor of physics at the University of Notre Dame, and Brian Hayden, a physics graduate student, are members of the CANDELS+CLASH Supernova Project that recently discovered a supernova that exploded more than 10 billion years ago. The Type Ia supernova, part of a class used for measuring the expansion of space, is the farthest yet found by NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope. Garnavich and Hayden are co-authors of a paper announcing the discovery

Crabtree to present special lecture on April 19

April 09, 2013 • Categories: News


George Crabtree, Director of the Joint Center for Energy Storage Research (JCESR) at Argonne National Laboratory and Professor at the University of Illinois will visit campus on Friday, April 19. "Beyond Lithium-Ion Batteries," is the title of this special Nieuwland Lecture Series event.

Toroczkai publishes paper in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA journal

April 07, 2013 • Categories: News


Zoltán Toroczkai, professor of physics and concurrent professor of computer science and engineering, has co-authored a paper in March 26 issue of Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The paper, “The role of long-range connections on the specificity of the macaque interareal cortical network