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Notre Dame physicists join effort to track genetically engineered organisms in the wild

September 25, 2013 • Categories: News

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has awarded a multidisciplinary team of University of Notre Dame researchers a grant of $500,000 to develop a new technology for tracking the movement of genetically-engineered (GE) organisms and their byproducts in the environment.

“Understanding and monitoring the dispersal of these organisms is a critical component of the safe and responsible use of transgenic technology,” says principal investigator Scott Egan

Notre Dame installs new telescope on Jordan Hall

September 24, 2013 • Categories: News


The University of Notre Dame has completed installation of the new Sarah L. Krizmanich Telescope on the roof of the Jordan Hall of Science.

The telescope, which features a 0.8-meter (32-inch diameter) mirror, will be especially useful for undergraduate astronomy research. The light collecting area of the mirror makes it one of the largest telescopes in Indiana.…

Notre Dame high-energy physicists receive NSF award to continue work with CERN

September 17, 2013 • Categories: News


University of Notre Dame high-energy physicists have received a $2.4 million, three-year award from the National Science Foundation to continue their work on the CMS (Compact Muon Solenoid) experiment on campus and at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research. The group’s work includes physics analysis central to the recent Higgs boson discovery.…

Superconductor research going strong

September 16, 2013 • Categories: News

The study of superconducting materials is important, both from a fundamental scientific perspective and due to the immense potential for practical applications. At Notre Dame, Prof. Morten Ring Eskildsen and his research group focus on the study of vortices, electromagnetic “tornados” that are created when a superconductor is subjected to an external magnetic field. Besides being interesting in their own right, the properties of the vortices reflect characteristics of the host material and can therefore be used as powerful probes of superconductors.…

QuarkNet teacher presents at the 2013 Live Interactive Planetarium Symposium

September 13, 2013 • Categories: News

La Lumiere physics teacher, Ken Andert, traveled to Sanford, Fla. at the request of the University of Notre Dame to attend the 2013 Live Interactive Planetarium Symposium at Seminole State College.

The purpose of this symposium was to provide planetarium staff from around the world an opportunity to share with each other what they had developed for their respective facilities.

Krizmanich telescope arrives at Jordan Hall of Science

September 12, 2013 • Categories: News

The telescope has arrived at Jordan Hall of Science. A full story and video will be published soon but here are a few photos of the installation.