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University of Notre Dame astrophysicist to present Christmas Star lecture

November 24, 2014 • Categories: News

Christmas star lecture

University of Notre Dame astrophysicist Grant Mathews will give three presentations of his popular program titled “What and When was the Christmas Star?” in the Digital Visualization Theater of Notre Dame’s Jordan Hall of Science.

Innovations in capturing starlight will help astrophysicists detect planets

November 14, 2014 • Categories: News

Justin Crepp

Justin Crepp, the Freimann Assistant Professor of Physics at the University of Notre Dame, has published a study Thursday (Nov. 13) in the journal Science that details how next-generation planet-hunting instruments will benefit from advancements in infrared technology that change how astronomers capture starlight.

New paper explains methods that may lead to new insights about dark matter

November 13, 2014 • Categories: News

Illustration of dark matter falling into a neutron star, forming a black hole and radiating out (Courtesy of NASA)

A new paper, co-authored by University of Notre Dame astrophysicist Joseph Bramante, discusses how detecting imploding pulsars may lead to insights about the properties of dark matter. The paper, “Detecting Dark Matter with Imploding Pulsars in the Galactic Center,” was recently published in Physical Review Letters, the flagship journal for the American Physical Society.

Pulsars, or pulsating stars, are rotating neutron stars that emit pulses of light visible to astronomers on Earth. Pulsars are created from the collapsing cores of supermassive stars that have exploded into supernovae. These supermassive stars, 10 to 40 times the mass of the sun, have been found at the center of the galaxy, leading astronomers to predict a certain number of pulsars should also reside there, but that predicted number of pulsars has not yet been observed.

Notre Dame physicist among 2015 Breakthrough Prize winners

November 12, 2014 • Categories: News

Peter Garnavich

The Breakthrough Prize Foundation has announced the recipients of the 2015 Breakthrough Prizes in Fundamental Physics and Life Sciences. The foundation awards $36 million in prizes to the world’s top scientists, including the High-Z Supernova Search Team, of which Peter Garnavich, professor of physics at the University of Notre Dame, is a member.

Notre Dame network physicists create model to predict traffic patterns

November 10, 2014 • Categories: News

Zoltán Toroczkai

Researchers at the University of Notre Dame have designed a simple, yet highly accurate traffic prediction model for roadway transportation networks. They have recently published their work in the journal Nature Communications.

“Transportation networks and in particular the highway transportation network are like the body’s circulatory system for the nation,” says Zoltán Toroczkai, professor of physics at the University of Notre Dame, who co-authored the study with physics graduate student Yihui Ren and national and international collaborators.

Army veteran Luis Morales honored by NSF in Washington, D.C.

November 06, 2014 • Categories: News

Luis Morales

Physics graduate student and U.S. Army veteran Luis Morales is one of 11 military veterans who was honored by the National Science Foundation (NSF) with Graduate Research Fellowships on November 5, 2014 in Washington, D.C. During the official visit to the NSF headquarters, the group was recognized with a formal ceremony highlighting veterans and their contributions science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields. The 11 fellows will also participate in a poster session to discuss their research and personal motivations in pursuing graduate school in their field of interest.