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Our Universe Revealed lecture series launches September 1

August 28, 2015 • Categories: News

“The Real Big Bang Theory: Birth of the Universe and the meaning of Space-time” with Prof. Grant Mathews will be the first talk presented as part of the new Our Universe Revealed Lecture Series.

In this talk we will journey across the Universe and into its deep past. Learn how the Universe is a time machine and how Einstein’s theory of relativity helps us to conceptualize the meaning of space and time.…

Faculty lectures add to options for football weekend activities

August 25, 2015 • Categories: News

Football Fridays at the Eck

Visitors who want a break from tailgating on football weekends have a variety of options for public lectures and talks around campus this fall. From science to the humanities to faith, these events will explore a range of topics of interest to the University of Notre Dame community.

National QuarkNet physics teachers draw inspiration from European workshop

August 10, 2015 • Categories: News

QuarkNet in Greece

Through the National Science Foundation, twenty physics teachers from across the United States joined 30 of their European counterparts in July in Attica, Greece, for Inspiring Science Education Summer Academy 2015, a six-day training and networking program aimed at boosting inquiry-based learning in high school classrooms. The National Science Foundation funded the trip through the national QuarkNet Program, an education and outreach program that partners high school physics teachers with particle physicists at more than 50 centers across the country.

Notre Dame hosts first International Summer Physics Institute

August 07, 2015 • Categories: News

iSPI 2015

A group of thirteen international high school students are currently participating in the first ever International Summer Physics Institute (iSPI).  The two-week program, July 27-August 7, has brought the high school students to Notre Dame from China and Ireland to explore their interest in physics.