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Galactic halos touching, comprehensive map of Andromeda halo shows

August 28, 2020 • Categories: News

A team of scientists led by Notre Dame Research Professor Nicolas Lehner, and utilizing NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope, created a comprehensive map of the halo of plasma surrounding the Andromeda galaxy and discovered that it is already touching the halo of our own Milky Way.…

Here, or There?

August 13, 2020 • Categories: News


Check if you need to be in the department office, or if you can complete your task remotely. (Click for PDF)


Department staff are available during normal business hours each day, even if we are not in the 225 department office. This guide will help you to know who to contact for assistance.…

Physicist Tsai, a high energy theorist, joins Notre Dame faculty

August 07, 2020 • Categories: News

Yuhsin Tsai, a high energy theorist, is joining the faculty this month in the University of Notre Dame’s Department of Physics.