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Midwest Relativity Meeting 2020 to be hosted by Notre Dame

September 29, 2020 • Categories: News

The 30th Annual Midwest Relativity Meeting will be hosted by the Center for Astrophysics and the Department of Physics of the University of Notre Dame from October 21-24, 2020.

The Midwest Relativity Meetings aim to bring together researchers from across the Midwest and beyond to discuss General Relativity and a broad range of topics in gravitational physics, including classical and quantum gravity, numerical relativity, relativistic astrophysics, cosmology, gravitational waves, experimental gravity, and other related topics.…

Hsu, a condensed matter physics theorist, studies properties of superconductors

September 24, 2020 • Categories: News

Condensed matter physicist Yi-Ting Hs, a theorist, joined the Notre Dame faculty in the Department of Physics last month, and enjoys working with experimental physicists to dig beneath their applications and discoveries, unearthing the science behind how to improve them.

Graduate student Sensharma speaks at Michiana Science Cafe event

September 21, 2020 • Categories: News

Michiana Science Cafe

Nuclear physics graduate student Nirupama Sensharma will speak on Tuesday, September 29 at the Michiana Science Cafe on nuclear energy. Her talk "Nuclear Energy -- The Better Energy?" will be a Facebook live event. The United States depends on nuclear power to meet about one-fifth of its demand for electricity. This equals the combined total of the generation capacity of two leading nuclear power producing countries, France and Japan. However, we have been standing still for the last 30 years with absolutely no progress in this sector. Is the halt a result of economic, political or scientific reasons and how is this affecting the ever-escalating climate crises? Do we have an alternative?…

Toroczkai partners with Silicon Valley firm and others to explore continuous-time analog computing

September 16, 2020 • Categories: News

Zoltán Toroczkai, professor in the Department of Physics, will be working with NTT Research, Inc., to conduct joint research into the limits of continuous-time analog computing.

Wiescher and Manukyan author book summarizing scientific methods used to characterization of cultural heritage objects

September 14, 2020 • Categories: News

Book Cover

Experimental nuclear science faculty have published a book that summarizes scientific methods that are currently used to characterize objects of cultural heritage and archaeological artifacts. Authored by Friemann Professor of Physics Michael Wiescher

LoSecco selected as 2020-21 Jefferson Science Fellow

September 11, 2020 • Categories: News


Prof. John LoSecco was selected as a 2020-21 Jefferson Science Fellow. The program was established in 2003 as an initiative of the Office of the Science and Technology Adviser to the U.S. Secretary of State. The Jefferson Science Fellows Program is designed to further build capacity for science, technology, and engineering expertise within the U.S. Department of State and U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID).…

Aprahamian presents at virtual conferences 

September 09, 2020 • Categories: News

Freimann Professor of Physics Ani Aprahamian recently presented at two virtual conferences in Armenia. 

The Armenia Medical International Committee (AMIC) virtual course was held July 12 and had over 650 participants. Aprahamian's presentation was "Isotopes for new pharmaceutical applications." The AMIC consists of representatives from Armenian healthcare associations throughout the Diaspora. Its purpose is to improve healthcare in Armenia through coordination of efforts among our member organizations.…

Mary Galvin to step down as dean of Notre Dame’s College of Science

September 09, 2020 • Categories: News

Mary Galvin, the William K. Warren Foundation Dean of the College of Science at the University of Notre Dame, will step down from the position effective Dec. 31.