William Zech

Assistant Teaching Professor, Physics

312 Jordan Hall of Science
Notre Dame, IN 46556

Director of the Advanced Physics Laboratory


B.S., Mathematics (Highest Distinction) Indiana University, 2002
B.S., (Highest Distinction) Physics, ibid., 2002
M.S., Physics, University of Notre Dame, 2005
Ph.D., Astrophysics, ibid., 2010


“The High-Velocity Gas Toward Messier 5: Tracing Feedback Flows in the Inner Galaxy,” Zech, W.F., Lehner, N., Howk, J.C., Dixon, W.V.D., Brown, T.M., The Astrophysical Journal 679, 460-480 (2008)

“Analysis of White Dwarfs with Strange-Matter Cores,” Mathews, G.J., Sun, I.-S., O’Gorman, B., Lan, N.Q., Zech, W., Otsuki, K., Weber, F., Journal of Physics G: Nuclear and Particle Physics 32, 1-13 (2006).

“A zero-to-few-hundred eV proton beam for calibrations of neutron β decay experiments,” Naab, F., Lamm, L.O., Zech, W., Garcia, A., Mumm, P., Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B 197, 278-281 (2002).