Ian Bentley

Adjunct Associate Professor

Adjunct Associate Professor

189 Nieuwland Science Hall
Notre Dame, IN 46556

Research Interests

Dr. Bentley’s research interests include nuclear physics and astrophysics. He is actively researching the ground state deformations of even-even nuclei based on a few nuclear models. This work has been combined with a mapping technique which allows for the prediction of additional nuclear properties, such as the low lying spectra, and photo-absorption cross section.  He is currently researching the competition of isovector and isoscalar pairing interactions of N=Z nuclei. He has also investigated the role of nuclear masses, far from stability, on the rapid neutron capture process.


B.S. with Honors in Physics with Astrophysics Option, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, 2004
M.S. in Physics, University of Notre Dame, 2008
Ph.D. in Nuclear Physics, University of Notre Dame, 2010