• condensedmatter

    High-temperature superconducting YBCO levitating above a magnetic track due to vortex pinning

  • 2

    The National Science Foundation (NSF) funded 5 MV accelerator represents a major equipment upgrade for the nuclear research group.

  • astrogroup

    Image credit: J.C. Howk, K. Rueff (Notre Dame), NASA/ESA, LBTO

    Notre Dame astronomers are using images of the spiral galaxy NGC 4302 to study the impact that exploding stars have on gas and dust in spiral galaxies.

  • lowering

    Geneva, Switzerland: Lowering of a completed segment of the CMS detector into its underground cavern. The completed instrument is now recording collisions at the Large Hadron Collider.

  • vacuum

    Ultra-high vacuum load-lock of low-temperature, high magnetic field scanning tunneling microscope.

Faculty Spotlight


Mark Caprio

Associate Professor

Prof. Mark Caprio has been named a 2014-15 Kaneb Faculty Fellow. Each year, the Kaneb Center at the University of Notre Dame names faculty fellows in recognition of their records of teaching excellence.

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Timothy C. Beers

Notre Dame Chair in Astrophysics

A team of international astronomers has discovered a low-mass star that exhibits the peculiar chemical abundance ratios associated with the process of creating new atomic nuclei (nucleosynthesis) in a first-generation very-massive star. The team, which includes Timothy Beers, used the 8.2 m Subaru Telescope’s High Dispersion Spectrograph to make the discovery.

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Sylwia Ptasinska

Marquez Assistant Professor of Physics

Notre Dame researchers led by Sylwia Ptasinska, assistant professor of physics, have observed significant DNA damage in cancer cells irradiated by atmospheric pressure plasma, a new radiation source. They have recently published their research in the European Physical Journal D in an article titled, “Plasmid DNA damage induced by Helium Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Jet.”

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Michael Hildreth

Professor of Physics

Professor Michael Hildreth has been named the 2014 Shilts/Leonard Award Winner.

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Justin R. Crepp

Freimann Assistant Professor of Physics

NASA has awarded Justin R. Crepp, the Freimann Assistant Professor of Physics at the University of Notre Dame, with an Early Career Fellowship. He is the only awardee in the nation to receive the fellowship in the Origins of Solar Systems program. Crepp’s project, “Working at the Diffraction Limit: New Exoplanetary Science in the Era of ‘Extreme’ Adaptive Optics,” was selected through a competitive proposal process, followed by peer review in a second round of evaluation.

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