Experts to discuss strategies to end lead poisoning

November 13, 2017 • Categories: News

The Eck Institute for Global Health will host “A Blueprint for Action: How We Can End Lead Poisoning in 5 Years” at 6 p.m. Nov. 13 (Monday) at the Near Northwest Neighborhood Community Center. 

Mechtenberg has new role with ND Energy in international sustainable development

November 08, 2017 • Categories: News

Abigail Mechtenberg

The Center for Sustainable Energy at Notre Dame (ND Energy) has taken another leap toward broadening its presence internationally and in particular with Low to Middle Income Countries (LMICs). Abigail Mechtenberg

Notre Dame physics well-represented at DNP 2017

November 02, 2017 • Categories: News

Notre Dame Physics was well-represented at the DNP 2017, which is the fall meeting of the Division of Nuclear Physics of the American Physical Society. Many physics majors, graduate students, postdoctoral researchers, and faculty members attended, as did multiple 2017 ND-REU participants from other universities. Prof. Anna Simon and Dr. Patrick O'Malley, postdoctoral research associate, acted as session chairs. Just a few of the attendees are pictured here.…

Theoretical physics professor wins NSF grant in computational neuroscience

October 27, 2017 • Categories: News

250x250 Zoltan

Zoltan Toroczkai, professor of theoretical physics, recently received an international collaborative grant from the National Science Foundation’s (NSF) Division of Intelligent Information Systems for research on brain neuronal networks. The project is aimed at discovering the fundamental principles of connectivity in the neuronal network of the neocortex and it is in collaboration with Henry Kennedy from the Stem-cell and Brain Research Institute in Lyon, France, with Toroczkai, as the lead principal investigator.

Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship students thankful for new experiences

October 24, 2017 • Categories: News

2017 Surf 2 250

From studying Fragile X Syndrome to understanding algorithms for artificial intelligence, 47 students participated in a summer’s worth of research, thanks to the College of Science Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships (SURF).

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Wed Nov 22, 2017

Notre Dame Thanksgiving Break

All Day

Notre Dame Thanksgiving Break

Classes are not in session

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Thu Nov 23, 2017

Notre Dame Thanksgiving Break

All Day

Notre Dame Thanksgiving Break

Classes are not in session

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Fri Nov 24, 2017

Notre Dame Thanksgiving Break

All Day

Notre Dame Thanksgiving Break

Classes are not in session

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Tue Nov 28, 2017

Astrophysics Seminar: Dr. Daniel Anglés-Alcázar

12:30 PM - 1:30 PM
184 Nieuwland Science Hall

The dual role of stellar feedback regulating galaxy evolution and the growth of supermassive black holes

Dr. Daniel Anglés-Alcázar
Center for Computational Astrophysics, Simons Foundation, Flatiron Institute

Feedback from massive stars, including supernovae, stellar winds, and radiation, is believed to play a central role in galaxy evolution. In this talk, I will present recent progress in understanding the implications of stellar feedback using cosmological hydrodynamic simulations from the Feedback In Realistic Environments (FIRE) project. In these simulations, stellar feedback regulates star formation locally in galaxies while driving large-scale winds that connect galaxies with their surrounding circumgalactic medium. I will discuss the efficiency of winds evacuating gas from galaxies, the importance of wind re-accretion to galaxy mass assembly, and the surprising contribution of intergalactic transfer of material between galaxies via winds. Zooming into galactic nuclei, I will show that stellar feedback regulates the early growth of the central black hole in low mass galaxies by continuously evacuating the nuclear gas reservoir, which has important implications for the co-evolution of supermassive black holes and galaxies and the frequency and mass scale of massive black hole mergers.

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Wed Nov 29, 2017

Physics Colloquium: Dr. Kawtar Hafidi

4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
118 Nieuwland Science Hall

Title TBA

Dr. Kawtar Hafidi
Physics Division Director, Argonne National Laboratory

Hosted by Prof. Brodeur

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