Sensing Our World 2011 Summer Camp

Location: Nieuwland Science Hall

Sensing Our World 2011 Summer Camp
June 20-24, 2011

This year’s Sensing Our World: Science Through Time program will explore themes from Earth’s past, present, and future in biology, physics, chemistry, mathematics, and geology. Scientific processes occur on time scales from nanoseconds to eons. In the blink of an eye, cells can divide and a hummingbird can flap its wings almost 90 times! At much lengthier time scales, continents move and animals go extinct, like the dinosaurs. Scientists often look to the past to understand the world today. Also, by understanding current processes and trends, they make predictions about the future.

The week will involve hands-on science, including exploring the structure of skeletons at the Museum of Biodiversity, immersing ourselves in nature to understand the complexities of ecosystems, and tackling issues related to climate change--such as, what should we do for polar bears if all the sea ice melts?


Sensing Our World 2011: Science Through Time is supported and sponsored by:

  • The Siemens Foundation
  • The Northern Indiana Science, Mathematics, and Engineering Consortium (NISMEC)
  • The Joint Institute for Astrophysics (JINA) and the Nuclear Structure Laboratory
  • The Department of Biological Sciences
  • The Department of Physics
  • The College of Science