Saturday Science --From the Sun above to the Supercollider Underground: How studying the smallest things teaches us about the largest


Location: DVT (Digital Visualization Theater) Jordan Hall of Science

Saturday Science

Make science part of your game day schedule, and join the College of Science for exciting presentations before Notre Dame home football games.

From the Sun above to the Supercollider underground: How studying the smallest things teach us about the largest

Speaker: Keith Davis, Ph.D. Director of the Digital Visualization Theater

The answers from machines such as the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in Geneva teach us about the basic building blocks of matter, but the realms of energies it studies don’t happen anywhere else on Earth. Dr. Davis will use the Digital Visualization Theater to show the audience how the LHC gathers answers about the nature of matter, and how that greater understanding applies to various targets within the universe and the big bang itself.

The Digital Visualization Theater is located in room 100 of the Jordan Hall of Science.