Physics Colloquium: Prof. Stacy McGaugh, Case Western Reserve University


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The Acceleration Scale in Galaxy Dynamics

Prof. Stacy McGaugh
Department of Astronomy
Case Western Reserve University

The flat rotation curves of spiral galaxies played an essential role in establishing the dark matter paradigm. There is more to the story: the amplitude of the flat rotation speed correlates with the mass that is observed in stars and gas (the Baryonic Tully-Fisher Relation). The dynamical surface density (including all mass) correlates with that of the stars alone (the Central Density Relation). The total radial force correlates with that predicted by the observed distribution of baryons (the Radial Acceleration Relation). These empirical relations are all connected by a common acceleration scale that is of order 1 Angstrom/s/s. Understanding the origin of this scale is central to solving the missing mass problem. 

Hosted by Prof. Chris Howk

All interested persons are invited to attend remotely—email for information.