Physics Colloquium: Prof. Quynh Lan Nguyen, University of Notre Dame


Location: zoom

Progress of the Notre Dame-KAGRA Gravitational Wave Collaboration

Prof. Quynh Lan Nguyen
Department of Physics, University of Notre Dame

KAGRA is the first underground and cryogenic interferometric gravitational wave detector. It is located at Kamioka, Gifu, Japan. Construction began in  2010 and the final installation phase (baseline KAGRA) was completed in December 2019. The first joint scientific observing run began in 2020 as part of the international gravitational wave collaboration LIGO-VIRGO-KAGRA. In this talk, we will discuss the design and construction history and the science targets of the KAGRA projects for the current design along with its future upgrade (KAGRA+). We will also describe Notre Dame's participation in this exciting collaboration. I will also describe the effort being developed at Notre Dame to analyze KAGRA data to search for gravitational wave transients such as neutron star mergers and nearby supernovae.

All interested persons are invited to attend remotely—email for information.