Particle Physics Seminar: Rick S. Gupta, IPPP, Durham University, UK


Location: zoom

Going Beyond the Dim-6 SMEFT in the high luminosity/energy era

Rick S. Gupta
IPPP, Durham University, UK

Data from the higher luminosities/energies excepted at future colliders will allow us to move to the next stage in precision Higgs physics. We will discuss the development of new strategies that utilise the higher volumes of data to go beyond rate measurements to more differential observables. We will show how these novel experimental strategies will enable us to move from the Dim 6 SMEFT to the Dim 8 SMEFT or the HEFT. We will then discuss how this can help us answer questions like: Is the 125 GeV scalar part of a Higgs doublet? Are their non-decoupling states that get mass from electroweak symmetry breaking? What is the effect of Dim 8 operators?

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