Particle Physics Seminar: Nicholas Smith, FNAL


Location: 415 Nieuwland Science Hall (View on map )

Chasing the tail: Results and prospects for boosted Higgs boson searches at CMS

Nicholas Smith
Research Associate

Thanks to recent advances in machine learning for jet tagging, a measurement of the rate of high transverse momentum ($p_T > 450 GeV$) Higgs bosons decaying to b-quark pairs has been performed with the full Run 2 dataset by the CMS collaboration. This measurement opens a new window into the high-energy behavior of Higgs boson production, where many possible beyond-the-standard-model effects are expected to be more apparent. I will present the analysis, discuss opportunities for probing additional boosted hadronic Higgs signatures, and reflect on the statistical and computational challenges faced during the course of this analysis.

Hosted by Prof. Lannon

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