Particle Physics Seminar: Dr. Matthew Citron, UCSB


Location: 415 Nieuwland Science Hall (View on map )

Special date for Particle Physics Seminar

New approaches in searching for Long-lived Particles at the LHC

Dr. Matthew Citron
Postdoctoral Researcher, UCSB

In this seminar, I will focus on efforts to ensure no opportunity is missed to discover long-lived particles (LLPs) at the LHC. This includes a search that, for the first time, uses the timing capabilities of the CMS detector to identify “delayed" jets from displaced decays and a search using “clusters” in the muon system with exciting sensitivity to dark shower signatures. I will then discuss possibilities for the future, including dedicated triggers for the upcoming Run 3 of the LHC. Finally, I’ll go beyond the general purpose detectors to highlight the power of dedicated experiments to reach well-motivated signatures invisible to CMS and ATLAS. I’ll focus on results from the search for millicharged particles with the milliQan prototype, the upcoming Run 3 milliQan experiment and future proposed millicharged particle detectors.

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