Particle Physics Seminar: Dr. David Yu, Brown University


Location: zoom

Dijets from A to Z': Unlocking low-mass phase space at the LHC

David Yu
Postdoctoral Researcher
Brown University

Searches for dijet resonances have a long history at hadron colliders, from the SppS to the LHC. With increasing collision energies and integrated luminosities, these searches have the exciting potential to discover new hadronic resonances. Due to large QCD backgrounds and limited trigger bandwidths, however, traditional dijet searches at the ATLAS and CMS experiments can only probe masses well above 1 TeV. In this seminar, I will describe several techniques to evade trigger limitations and access the lower mass phase space, including b tagging, searching for Lorentz-boosted resonances, and analysis using trigger-level objects. These techniques have enabled CMS to search for hadronic resonances with masses spanning three orders of magnitude, from 10 GeV to 10 TeV. I will also describe the ingredients that make up these analyses, including the successful Phase-1 upgrade of the CMS hadronic calorimeter.

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