Nuclear Physics Seminar: Jan Glorius, GSI, Darmstadt, Germany


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Nuclear Astrophysics at the GSI Storage Rings: Reactions and Decays of Exotic Nuclei

Jan Glorius
GSI, Darmstadt, Germany

The GSI accelerator complex is well known for its broad spectrum of ions and experimental conditions that enable unique investigations in many research areas. Recent developments at the heavy ion storage rings ESR and CRYRING give rise to a new era of experiments with astrophysical background.

This seminar talk will discuss two experimental highlights of the recent past. One is part of the so-called proton-capture campaign, which focuses on the measurement of (p,g) reaction cross-sections on radioactive ions that are key to a better understanding of explosive nucleosynthesis. The other is the half-life measurement of the bound-state beta decay of Tl-205 which is an important property for the s-process chronometer around 205-Pb and will deliver new constraints for the solar history.

Finally, an extended outlook to future measurements at CRYRING within the upcoming projects CARME and NECTAR will be given, including a discussion of highlight physics cases.

Hosted by Prof. Wiescher

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