Physics Colloquium: Dr. Matthew Citron, UCSB


Location: 118 Nieuwland Science Hall (View on map )

Seeking a long-lived window to the Hidden Universe

Dr. Matthew Citron
Postdoctoral Scholar, Experimental High Energy Physics
University of California,Santa Barbara

The nature of Dark Matter (DM), which comprises ~85% of the matter in the universe, is one of the greatest mysteries in particle physics. In "hidden sector" theories, DM is just one particle within a dark sector of the Universe that could be every bit as complex as our own. A generic feature of many such theories are long-lived particles (LLPs) that could be produced at the CERN LHC. In this presentation, I will focus on efforts to ensure no opportunity is missed to discover LLPs at the LHC that would revolutionise our understanding of the Universe. I will cover searches using exotic "delayed jet" and "muon-system cluster" signatures with the general purpose CMS detector, as well as searches for millicharged particles with the dedicated milliQan experiment.

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