Astrophysics Seminar: Zhuyun Zhuang and Evan Nuñez, Caltech


Location: 184 Nieuwland Science Hall (View on map )

Zhuyun Zhuang, Caltech

The Chemical Evolution of Galaxies with Integrated Light Spectroscopy

Measuring elemental abundances is essential to map the evolution of galaxies.  I will talk about our recent progress on using integrated light spectroscopy--coupled with gravitational lensing and integral field spectroscopy--to quantify the chemical composition of galaxies at a variety of masses and redshifts.  Using high-quality spectra from the Keck and Palomar telescopes, we tentatively discovered a break in the stellar mass-stellar metallicity relation (MZR) at 10^9 Msun at z~0, as well as redshift evolution in the MZR at z<1.4.


Evan Nuñez, Caltech

Unveiling Hidden Gems: The ISM and Inner CGM of Cosmic Noon Galaxies

Understanding the baryon cycle requires us to connect the properties of star forming galaxies and their CGM at a variety of redshifts.  I present the first steps of a combined analysis of the host galaxies of HI and metal-line absorption systems at z~2-3 (cosmic noon).   This is a preview of my thesis in which I will discover and analyze the host galaxies of absorption systems using KCWI (rest-FUV spectra; ISM and CGM), MOSFIRE (rest-optical spectra; ISM), rest-FUV to rest-NIR photometry (stellar population), and HIRES quasar spectra (inner CGM absorption).

Hosted by Prof. Kirby