Nuclear Physics Seminar: Dr. Shumpei Noji, Michigan State University


Location: 127 Nieuwland Science Hall (View on map )

High Rigidity Spectrometer for FRIB

Dr. Shumpei Noji
Michigan State University

A High Rigidity Spectrometer (HRS) has been designed for experiments at the Facility for Rare-Isotope Beams (FRIB) at Michigan State University. The HRS will allow experiments to be performed with the most exotic neutron-rich isotopes at  high beam energies (≳100MeV/u). The HRS consists of an analysis beamline called the High-Transmission Beamline (HTBL) and the spectrometer proper called the Spectrometer Section. The maximum magnetic rigidity of the HRS is 8Tm, which corresponds to the rigidities at which rare-isotope beams are optimally produced at FRIB. The resolving power, angular acceptance, and momentum acceptance are set to match the anticipated scientific program. In this seminar, I will present an overview of the scientific opportunities with the HRS and the ion-optical design developed for the HRS.

Hosted by Prof. Couder