Condensed Matter Seminar: Dr. Yu-Ping Lin, University of California, Berkeley


Location: 426 Nieuwland Science Hall (View on map )

Electronic phase diagram with unconventional magnetism on kagome flat band

Dr. Yu-Ping Lin
Gordon and Betty Moore Postdoctoral Fellow
Department of Physics
University of California, Berkeley

The discovery of moiré correlated phases has boosted similar search in the other flat-band systems. In this talk, I show that the flat band on the kagome lattice offers a fertile ground for the birth of correlated phases. Using the Hartree-Fock approximation, I present the rich phase diagrams under electronic repulsion across the flat band doping regime. Various unconventional magnetic orders, including the spin density waves with 120-degree and tetrahedral orders, can occur at various dopings. Our analysis establishes a rounded understanding of the electronic phase diagram on the kagome flat band.

Hosted by Prof. Hsu