Particle Physics Seminar: Dr. Cristina Mantilla Suarez, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory


Location: 415 Nieuwland Science (View on map )

A hunt for elusive Higgs couplings, with a boost
Dr. Cristina Mantilla Suarez
Lederman Fellow
Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
If anomalous interactions exist at the TeV scale, we expect alterations in the tails of the Higgs boson kinetic spectrum, which can be measured by measuring the production of Higgs bosons at high momentum. At the LHC, this process is rare and the production of Higgs boson pairs is even more uncommon - about 1000 times less frequent - although it can be enhanced in new physics scenarios.
This talk reviews how final states with jets have enabled the exploration of these elusive, and possibly anomalous, couplings, even in a difficult collider environment that is full of quarks and gluons like the Large Hadron Collider. We examine advances on particle jet identification that have drastically improved our ability to identify boosted Higgs and increased our physics reach. Finally, I will talk about the next generation of calorimetry detectors, which will be required to support this and other search programs at the upcoming High-Luminosity LHC run. These detectors will need to be more spatially precise, more radiation-tolerant, and equipped with smarter readout electronics.