Special Particle Physics Seminar: Dr. Daniel Spitzbart, Boston University


Location: zoom

Building the path towards discovery at the HL-LHC

Dr. Daniel Spitzbart
Boston University

The data collected by the CMS Experiment during the LHC Run 2 and Run 3 will provide us guidance in our pursuit to understand the origin of Dark Matter and the properties of the Higgs Boson. In this talk I will show examples of how both direct and indirect searches for new physics are being used as complementary approaches, and how we use the Higgs boson as a tool to search for physics beyond the standard model. I will also discuss my involvement in the design and development of the MIP Timing Detector, which will provide precision time measurements of charged particles in the CMS detector. This new capability will significantly enhance our discovery potential during the HL-LHC era.

Zoom only. Email physics@nd.edu for the link.