Annual Graduate Physics Students conference a success

Author: Shelly Goethals

GPS poster session

The Graduate Physics Students 2015 Annual Conference was held in December. The first day of the event featured research talks by six students: Chris Seymour, “Commissioning of the St. George Recoil Separator;” Gary Uppal, “A Spatial Model for Bacteria Interaction and Evolution;” Michael Skulski, “Further Exploration of the 33S(α,p)36Cl Reaction Cross Section;” Rodolfo Capedevilla, “A Search for Light Stops in a Gauge Extension of the Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model;” Vu Nguyen,  “Inversion of Diffusion on Networks;” and Tyler Anderson, “Measurement Campaign for Astrophysically Relevant 36Cl Production Cross Sections.”

The second day of the event included poster presentations by nine graduate students. The posters were judged, and the top three were awarded prizes. Alison Deatsch received first place, Xu Han received second place, and James Kapaldo received third place.

GPS conference committee

This year’s conference committee were physics graduate students Matthew Hall, Allison Reinsvold, Mallory Smith, and Rodolfo Capdevilla.