Bunker elected as Chair of International X-ray Absorption Society

Author: Shelly Goethals


Bruce Bunker, Professor in the Department of Physics, has been elected to a three-year term as Chair of the International X-ray Absorption Society (IXAS). IXAS is an international scientific organization representing all those working on the fine structure associated with inner shell excitation (near edge and extended) by various probes (e.g. x-rays and electrons), and related techniques, and currently has over 1000 members. The purpose of the IXAS is to oversee activities which benefit the community as a whole, to establish operational committees, to provide for education in the field, to disseminate relevant information, to work with other related regional, national and professional organizations in promoting and developing XAS and related disciplines, and to act as representative for the community to other professional organizations.

Prof. Bunker joined the University of Notre Dame in 1983. His research interests lie in the use of x-rays and electrons for probing the structure of solids, liquids, surfaces, and interfaces. This research largely requires the use of very intense x-rays available only at national synchrotron-radiation sources. He is the director of the MRCAT, an inter-institutional “collaborative access team” designing, building, and using beamlines at the Advanced Photon Source at Argonne National Laboratory.