Carmichael and Fang receive 2024 Browne Award

Author: Janet Weikel


Scott Carmichael and Ruoyu 'Fry' Fang are co-recipients of the 2024 Cornelius P. Browne Memorial Award in Nuclear Physics. Scott was recognized for leading the installation of the Enge Split-Pole Spectrograph, using it to study the structure of 58Cu affecting estimates of 44Ti production in supernovae, and for leading a complimentary experiment at Argonne National Lab. Fry was recognized for leading innovative studies of the 15N(alpha,gamma)19F reaction using both gamma spectroscopy and inverse kinematics.

Cornelius P. Browne served as the director for the Nuclear Structure Lab for nearly thirty years. Through his hard work and dedication he steered the lab through the most successful period in its history. In honor of Dr. Browne, this award is presented annually to an outstanding Nuclear Physics graduate student who has exemplified Professor Browne’s work ethic.



Originally published by Janet Weikel at on April 08, 2024.