de la Puente receives Fermi Fellowship

Author: Lesley Krueger

Alejandro de la Puente receives Fermilab Fellowship in Theoretical Physics

de la Puente 180


Alejandro de la Puente, a graduate student in the laboratory of Antonio Delgado, was awarded a Fermilab Fellowship in Theoretical Physics. The fellowship will support his graduate studies with a 12-month stipend of $30,000 as well as cover his health insurance and tuition.

Fermilab provides fellowships for graduate students at American universities who are conducting research studies in theoretical particle physics or theoretical astrophysics. Fellows remain matriculated at their home universities but take residence at Fermilab. The theoretical physics and theoretical astrophysics departments offer strong and exciting research opportunities in collider physics, model building, neutrino physics, perturbative QCD, lattice gauge theory, astrophysics, and cosmology. The research environment at Fermilab benefits from close connections with the laboratory’s experimental programs.