Dr. Randhawa Awarded the 2022 FRIB Achievement Award for Early Career Researchers

Author: Janet Weikel

Jaspreet Randhawa Copy

Dr. Jaspreet Randhawa, a Postdoctoral Research Associate in the Nuclear Science Laboratory in the Department of Physics and Astronomy, has been awarded the 2022 FRIB Achievement Award for Early Career Researchers "for his work utilizing a diverse set of tools to understand the nuclear physics of outer layers of accreting neutron stars in X-ray binaries." The annual award is in its second year with one award in experiment and one in theory going to early career researchers "to recognize outstanding original contributions to the field of nuclear physics through work relating to the Facility for Rare Isotopes (FRIB)", a recently commissioned national nuclear physics facility. FRIB will provide the world's most intense source of exotic radioactive nuclei allowing researchers to study previously unexplored nuclear reactions.

In addition to his past and future work at FRIB, Dr. Randhawa continues to explore the nature of neutron stars through experiments at Notre Dame's Nuclear Science Laboratory where measurements of nuclear reactions will elucidate the role of fusion underneath the surface of a neutron star. Dr. Randhawa will receive the award and give a plenary session presentation of his research at this year's Low-Energy Community Meeting for Nuclear Physics.

Originally published by Janet Weikel at isnap.nd.edu on June 02, 2022.