Garg awarded the JSPS Invitational Fellowship for Research

Author: Shelly Goethals

Umesh Garg 1200

Prof. Umesh Garg has been awarded the JSPS Invitational Fellowship for Research in Japan for fiscal year 2022. Garg will use the fellowship to spend time at the RIKEN Nishina Center for Accelerator-Based Science in the spring of 2023, following completion of his Fulbright Fellowship.

The Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) carries out programs that provide overseas researchers who have an excellent record of research achievements with an opportunity to conduct collaborative research, discussions, and opinion exchanges with researchers in Japan. These programs are intended to help advance the overseas researchers' research activities while promoting science and internationalization in Japan.

Grantees of the JSPS Invitational Fellowships for Research in Japan are chosen by going through the selection process following the submission of applications by a host researcher in Japan who wishes to invite a researcher from overseas via the head of his/her university or institution. 

RIKEN is Japan’s largest and most comprehensive research organization for basic and applied science and a world leader in a diverse array of scientific disciplines. For nearly a century since its foundation in 1917, RIKEN has fostered pioneering, innovative research in fields spanning the entire range of the natural sciences, from developmental biology and neuroscience to quantum physics and computer science.

The Nishina Center operates the RI Beam Factory (RIBF), the world's highest performing heavy ion accelerator facility where radioisotopes that do not exist in nature are artificially created. The Nishina Center promotes researches on the synthesis of superheavy elements, in the fields of magic numbers, nucleosynthesis in the universe, and reducing radioactive waste, as well as theoretical research linking these fields. Garg's work there will involve investigations of nuclear incompressibility in nuclei far from stability line using the beams available at RIBF.